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Giveaway: Abylon Backup-Tube for Free

Create an exact copy of data for backup and allow automatic synchronization. Website: https://www.abylonsoft.de/backup-tube/ Download: backuptube_bdj-2019.9.exe – mirror Registration Name: ONLY-FOR-PRIVATE-USE-BDJ2020 Registration Key: 00EN-52D6A609-50E97B028E-X18R9 The computer now serves as a huge data storage for documents, pictures and videos. These documents often have a huge ideal value. This data can be irrevocably lost due to accidental […]
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Giveaway: abylon CRYPTDRIVE 18 for FREE

Background encryption to protect sensitive data against unauthorized access with AES or Blowfish. Website: http://www.abylonsoft.com Giveaway: link Download: abylon_CRYPTDRIVE-18.10.3-PRIV.exe Name or CD-key: ONLY-FOR-PRIVATE-USE-BDJ2019 Registry key: 00EN-EA6A3B79-F51DA9073B-X18R9 With abylon CRYPTDRIVE you can easily create virtual, completely encrypted drives. Thus, all files and programs on this drive are protected against unauthorized access. Encryption with the Blowfish (448 […]
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