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Giveaway: CyberLink PowerDirector v16.0 LE for FREE

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 makes your home movies more engaging! A range of simple and easy-to-use creation modes put you on the fast track to video editing, so you spend less time learning and more time creating. Website: http://www.cyberlink.com Giveaway: link Redeem Code: COBIPDR16 Giveaway: link Redeem Code: PPMAGPDR16LE Giveaway: link Redeem Code: CHIPPD16LE Download: PowerDirector_3920_LE_LE_VDE190329-01_Normal.exe […]
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Giveaway: CyberLink PhotoDirector 9 Deluxe for Free

PhotoDirector Deluxe is the easiest way to create amazing photos. Effortlessly manage, and touch-up your family photos with an array of powerful, yet intuitive features. Website: http://www.cyberlink.com Giveaway: link Redeem Code: COBIPHDDE Download: PhotoDirector_9.0.3913.71744_GM6_DE_PTD190130-01.exe Giveaway: link Redeem Code: CHIPPHD9DE Giveaway: link Redeem Code: PCWPHD9DE Giveaway: link Redeem Code: PPMAGPHD9DE Download: PhotoDirector_9.0.3913.71744_GM6_DE_PTD190130-01.exe Download: CyberLink_PhotoDirector_DE-9.0.3913.0.exe Giveaway: link […]
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