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Giveaway: HTVector System Administrator for FREE

Designed to be an excellent assistant to anyone who needs to control computers and block unwanted activities! Website: https://ht-vector.com/system-administrator.html Download: HT_System_Administrator-15.9.6.exe – mirror License Key: HSA12-J7722-TY367 License Key: HSA31-G8812-19366 With the HT System Administrator unique fetuses, you can block or limit virtually everything on the computer. Review detailed reports of visited websites, launched applications and […]
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Giveaway: HT Facebook Blocker for FREE

Overcome distractions. Being productive has never been easier! Website: https://ht-vector.com/facebook-blocker.html Download: Facebookblocker-10.7.1.zip – mirror With just a few clicks, block Facebook and other social networks completely or limit the time spent on them. Block apps you don’t want or set time limits for games and other time-wasting apps like messengers and chats altogether. Our highly […]
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Giveaway: HT Parental Controls Software for FREE

Protect Your Children Online and Offline Website: https://ht-vector.com Download: HT_Parental_Controls-17.1.1.exe – mirror License Key: PKF25-SAPX1-VERR2 Download: HT_Parental_Controls-15.0.3.exe License Key: PAR22-SHR09-VER18 Install HT Parental Controls and protect all your family members, both when online and offline. With plenty of features ranging from website blocking and time controls to screen capture and email reporting the program will […]
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