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Giveaway: MagoShare AweClone for Windows FREE

Magoshare AweClone offers you an easy, secure and quick way to clone all contents of a hard drive to another hard drive/device. Website: https://www.magoshare.com/disk-clone/disk-clone.html Download: https://www.magoshare.com/trial/AweClone.exe License Key: D722F-T3MV3-KJUH4-PFDAD-T3SPS (reference) License Key: Z5WPX-5D7G2-F5G3K-DUMKH-EJN23 (Lifetime license code, valid till 2019-12-09) Version 2.6, supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Server OS Thanks to sector-by-sector cloning technology of AweClone, […]
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