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Exiland Backup Standard 5.0

Exiland Backup is an easy to use software that allows you to make automatic backups of your important files: work documents, user profiles, pictures, projects, audio files, and so forth. The program can save your backups to NAS, FTP/SSH servers, or ex…

Giveaway: BLACK & WHITE projects 4 (Win&Mac) for FREE

BLACK & WHITE projects 4 is the perfect tool to enable all photographers with a special affinity for black & white photos to make their creative mark. Website: https://www.projects-software.com/black-white/blackwhite-projects-4 Giveaway for Mac: link Giveaway for Win: link Download for Mac: BLACK-WHITE-projects-4_macen-4.41.02511-sos.zip Giveaway: link Download: BLACK-WHITE-projects-4.41.02511-elements_winde-Computerbild.exe The brand new spectral sensitivity engine allows you to grasp […]
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