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TriSun Software Limited

Advanced Recent Access 6.0

See more properties of the recent resources, such as path, size, type, date modified and date created.

Key Features:

Shows path, size, type and date modified/created;
Automatically records accessed times;
Automatically deletes nonexistent resources;…

Duplicate Photo Finder Plus 10.0

A faster duplicate picture finder with 100% accurate results you will love!

Comparing picture contents, 100% accurate result;
High-speed comparison algorithm;
Smart Selection: automatically checks the unwanted pictures;
Supports almost all popular p…

KeyMusic 3.0

Lets keyboard play music while typing!

Adjustable Music Effect;
Very Easy to Use;
Saves Settings Automatically.

Please note: Single License (1 PC) (Lifetime License WITHOUT Upgrades) is included in this version. Click here to get a VERY BIG discount…

Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus 9.0

Just a faster duplicate music finder with 100% accurate results you will love!

Comparing Audio Contents, 100% Accurate Result;
High-speed Comparison Algorithm;
Smart Selection: Automatically Checks the Unwanted Audio;
Supports Almost All Popular Audi…