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Giveaway: Dimo 8K Player 4 for FREE

An 8-in-1 media player for Bly-ray, DVD, music and more. Website: https://www.mediadimo.com Giveaway: link Download: 8k-player-install-4.6.1.exe Download: 8k-player-install-4.6.1.dmg Download: 8k-player-install-4.5.0.exe – 8k-player-install-4.5.0.dmg Download: 8k-player-install-4.4.0.exe Download: 8k-player-install-4.0.0.exe – mirror Gives you super easy but crazy Blu-ray, DVD, H.265, 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD, 1080P HD movie playback experience on Windows (10).
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