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Giveaway: WidsMob FilmPack (Win&Mac) for FREE

WidsMob FilmPack offers your digital images color rendition profile, color mode setting (contrast, saturation, special effect), and up to 20 film grains to help you create visual beauty gallery. Website: https://www.widsmob.com/filmpack Giveaway: link new Download for Windows: widsmob_filmpack_win.exe – mirror Download for MacOS: widsmob_filmpack.dmg – mirror Windows Users Licensed email: giveaways@sharewareonsale.com License key #1: wfw210eac68-8708-42d3-9c8a-1d4273e16d04 […]
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Giveaway: WidsMob PhotoVault (Win&Mac) for FREE

Keep personal photos hidden from others. Website: https://www.widsmob.com/photovault Download: widsmob_photovault_win-2.5.8.zip – mirror Download: widsmob_photovault_mac-3.6-1254.zip – mirror Whether you have some personal photos, or important documents in JPEG, you need to encrypt and hidden photos from others. It has two different Security levels, Standard level to hide photos, High level to make restrictions to export, share […]
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Giveaway: WidsMob Retoucher (Win&Mac) for FREE

Retouch Your Photo with Magic Tools to Make It Shine. Website: https://www.widsmob.com/retoucher Download MAC: WidsMob_Retoucher_Mac_2.4_1240.zip – mirror Download WIN: WidsMob_Retoucher_Win_2.5.8.zip – mirror WidsMob Retoucher “De-Noise” function can help you remove noise occurred by high ISO, low light, fast shutter speed, etc. by using custom information from each image. It can easily recover image detail hidden […]
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